Where to Surf in Costa Rica

If you’ve ever wanted to surf in costa rica, it helps to know where to go. We have the surf spots figured out and want to share them with you!

Surfing is a truly remarkable sport and many people come to Costa Rica to catch great waves. There are many beaches with surfable waves and lots of places to learn how to surf. It’s exhilarating and thrilling catching a wave. You are at one with the flow of the water, surrounded by beautiful scenery as the water pushes you toward the shore.

Playa Hermosa de Jaco -This is a spot for more advanced surfers. Many competitions are held here each year and it has recently been named the first World Surfing Reserve in Central America in the year 2020.

Playitas Beach in Manuel Antonio – While Manuel Antonio is not necessarily a surf town, there are sometimes surfable waves at Playitas beach for beginner to intermediate surfers. There are also places to rent longboards for beginners wanting to learn how to surf as well.

Dominical – One of the most popular and well known surf spots. Dominical is a surfing town and is known for great waves year round. Costa Rica Surf Camp is a great place to sign up for lessons locally. They have been consistently ranked as one of the top surf schools in the area for years.

Playa Hermosa – This is another beautiful beach and great surfing spot, the waves are a bit smaller than the ones in Dominical with both left and right breaks making it very popular for beginning and intermediate surfers.

Dominicalito – This is a beginner to intermediate surf spot, which is protected by an outer reef. The waves are a bit smaller than on other beaches. You do have to be careful though because there are some rocks to look out for in the water especially at lower tides.

The Point – This is a great spot to go to when the swell is too big to surf the waves in Dominical. The waves here break over a rocky shelf.

Pavones – Pavones is a surf town very close to the Panama border in the southern part of Costa Rica. Here you will find the second longest left wave in the world. The breaks you will find here are called point breaks.

Cabo Matapalo – This is a remote part of Costa Rica where you can find amazing surf breaks as well. The names of the popular wave breaks here are called Pan Dule, Backwash, and Matapalo.

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