Waterfalls near Dominical Costa Rica

There are many waterfalls near Dominical Costa Rica and in the southern pacific coast more waterfalls are waiting to be discovered!

Costa Rica is overflowing with rivers and waterfalls. There are especially many waterfalls near Dominical Costa Rica. This is because the mountains are the closest proximity to the shoreline compared to any other part of the country making for some dramatically beautiful scenery. There are several memorable waterfalls in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica that are worth exploring. Here is a list of some of the most popular waterfalls South of Manuel Antonio for you to explore as you plan your trip:

Nauyaca Waterfalls Near Dominical Costa Rica

Nauyaca Waterfalls is an iconic place to visit. It consists of a double set of falls. You can hike, horseback ride, or ride in the back of a 4×4 truck to get to these gorgeous falls. When you arrive at the first set of waterfalls at the base, the height of the falls is about 90 feet. It is a very wide and expansive set of falls and at the bottom there is a large swimming hole where you can at times swim behind the waterfall.

Few brave souls have climbed the face of the falls to jump off an outcropping of rock at roughly 40 feet high. Even fewer have jumped from the full height of somewhere between 80-90 feet high. We would not recommend it as you need to know exactly what you are doing and where to jump to do so safely.

The second set of waterfalls is a much more steep set of falls. You can hike above the first falls and arrive at the second set with large boulders at the bottom. It is not the best swimming area and depending on the time of year the rushing water can be very strong and intimidating. These falls are about 147 high.

Eco Chontales Waterfalls Near Dominical Costa Rica

Eco Chontales is an amazing waterfall that is lesser traveled (for now that is) than Nauyaca waterfalls. It is a bit longer of a drive taking about an hour to get there. But the hike to the waterfalls itself is very short consisting of a relatively mild 15 minute hike. The drive to these falls is scenic and beautiful as you wind up the mountain roads and look across farms and pastures in the valleys.

Uvita Waterfalls South of Dominical

Uvita Waterfall is a fun, popular and easy to get to hangout spot. It is a great spot to cool off and go for a dip. There is a small swimming hole and you may even catch some locals sliding down the face of the waterfall. With it’s close proximity to town it is a popular destination for both it’s beauty and convenience.

Cascada el Pavon Waterfall in Ojochal

This is a waterfall that has a giant boulder wedged between two rock faces. It is naturally occurring and forms a very unique waterfall. It has a small swimming hole at the bottom and has scenic jungle surroundings. It is easy to get to.

Paddle 9 is a great tour company based out of the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area. They offer many full day and half day waterfall tours. Check them out as you plan your visit.

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