Costa Rica Mangroves – an Important Ecosystem

Costa Rica Mangroves are one of the most unique and special ecosystems worth preserving. We share information about their importance here.

Costa Rica mangroves are crucial to the health of the planet and are a part of an incredible ecosystem that protects our planet on many levels. Mangroves are tropical trees that grow in salty brackish waters and they store large amounts of carbon which make them a critical component for the preservation of the planet in the fight against climate change.

The thick roots of the mangroves are natural protective buffers against storm surges and tidal swings and create the perfect underwater environment for thousands of fish species to breed and populate. At lower tides you can see the roots of the trees are exposed showing curves, knots and twists in their branches. You visibly see how strong they are as they are interwoven together.

The mangroves root systems are also helpful in that they filter pollutants from the ocean water thus increasing the water quality. At higher tides the roots will no longer be exposed but will be underwater with the green leafy parts of the trees still above the surface.

There are several areas where you can book a Costa Rica Mangroves tour. One of the best areas to observe and tour around the mangroves is in the Southern Pacific at the mouth of the Sierpe River in the Osa Peninsula. The Mangroves of the Sierpe River are some of the largest virgin mangroves in all of Central America. You can take a boat tour around the many winding channels that make up a vast stretch of Costa Rica’s southern coastline. Another great location for a mangrove tour is around Damas Island near Manuel Antonio National Park.

You will likely see a lot of wildlife on a tour through the mangroves and the experienced guides will point out many different animals and animal species to you along the way.

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