ATV Tours In Costa Rica

Here’s why you might consider booking an ATV tour in Costa Rica. Explore jungles and mountain terrain for an ‘off the beaten path’ experience!

On your trip you might consider booking an ATV tour in Costa Rica, it’s a great way to explore the rugged jungle terrain and lesser traveled areas. ATV’s are small personal vehicles that are designed for adventure. You can explore Costa Rica’s many beaches, waterfalls, rivers, jungles and unpaved mountain roads. There is so much to explore and you can certainly do so faster on these machines. Even if you are not a driver, most tour companies also offer side-by-side options.

These motorized vehicles make exploration fun and offer a great alternative to hiking. They can handle almost any type of terrain and they allow you to do and see more while having a good time! There are many ATV tours offered in Costa Rica, and some of the best can be found in the Southern Zone. The Southern Zone has some of the most dramatic coastline views and very impressive waterfalls because of the dramatic topography. Beginning in Dominical the mountain ranges shoot straight up in close proximity to the coast, so there is nothing else quite like it.

One new ATV tour in Costa Rica that stands out above others is the all day ATV waterfall tour. You can book this tour and cross rivers and drive up to Eco Chontales Waterfall. Eco Chontales waterfall is one of the most stunning waterfalls and it is a little off the beaten path. If you don’t like crowds this is a great spot for adventure, especially during the weekdays. This waterfall is lesser known but just as beautiful as popular attractions like Nauyaca Waterfalls.

Jungle ATV Tours is a tour company that was rated a Tripadvisor’s choice for 2020. They have great bilingual guides and the scenery on the tours they offer is nothing short of incredible. You can see vast views of Costa Rica’s Southern Shoreline from a great vantage point. You can learn more about their tours and offerings here.

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